XPressEntry Fast Features – Episode 7: Can you specify a handheld’s Virtual Door based on GPS Location?

This episode of XPressEntry Fast Features covers XPressEntry’s new GPS Location Tracker functionality. For Entry / Exit tracking, this feature automatically switches doors / gates based on GPS location making it easy for security guards to manage workplace entrances and minimize mistakes. In addition, physical security admins can use this feature to track the location of the handhelds and guards at any work area on or off-site to see where they are for guard management.

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Video Transcript


David Carta 0:10
Hi Kelly! How are you doing today?

Kelly Lim 0:12
Hey. Doing well.

David Carta 0:14
I hear we have a new GPS feature in XPressEntry! Can you give me a quick walk through please?

Kelly Lim 0:19
Sure, what we’ve done in XPressEntry “Entry/Exit” mode is we’ve enabled GPS locations. What that will allow you to do in “Entry/Exit” mode is set a door based on exactly where the handle is located. So this will be very helpful for a scenario where a guard walks around the facility, and they might be at one gate. And if they move to another gate, the door will switch automatically.

David Carta 0:37
Oh, that’s pretty awesome. Because right now I’ve got to go over to XPressEntry; I’ve got to set the door manually. And if I want to use “WestCoast Indoor”, I would have to manually select it.

Kelly Lim 0:47
Yes, correct. So this will help alleviate confusion for guards and what doors they are at, and other things like that. That make up for more hands-off approach for garden managing doors itself.

David Carta 0:56
Awesome. Can you show me how you would set this up in XPressEntry so that it’ll work?

Kelly Lim 1:00
Of course. So pretty straightforward. Now there’s a few settings that we would like to enable. So we will go to “Tools -> Settings”. The first thing we’re going to check is under “General”; we’re going to “Add/Edit Display”. And we’re going to enable the GPS options for our server, so press “Save” here. The next option is we’re going to “Handheld Functionality”, we’re going to enable location tracking. So this tells the handle that we’re going to use GPS.

David Carta 1:23
Hey, cool! Right on the handheld, We now have a little GPS icon!

Kelly Lim 1:27
Of course, they’re very quick. The next thing and the last setting under “Doors”, we’re going to enable the settings based on handheld GPS locations. So this is what’s actually going to enable us to set the coordinates to a door. And when did coordinates, that’s where it will automatically change. So as you can see, we actually got a notification already, we have a door already preset to the “Telaeris Office”. So because you’re already in the “Telaeris office”, once I enable that setting, it will notify you here on the screen that the door has changed. As you saw earlier, the door was set to “WestCoast In” and now the door is set to “Telaeris office”?

David Carta 2:00
How does it know that it’s “Telaeris Office”?

Kelly Lim 2:02
We’re going to go back to Edit. And so on our main application, we’re going to “Doors”. And so we have these two areas already preset. So the doors that we’re looking currently at is “Telaeris Office”. As we see here and the GPS coordinates, we use a very simple method. Just go to Google Maps, we get the location of the “Telaeris Office”, and we put in those coordinates here. And then under “GPS Radius”, this is how we’re going to know how far from your coordinate that we are going to track. So in this case, we are tracking around 35 meters from the test location itself.

David Carta 2:35
And you, presumably, got a different GPS location for your other door?

Kelly Lim 2:39
Correct. Under the “Telaeris Northeast Entry”, as you can see, the GPS coordinate is a different location. And we’ll call the radius at “10”. So it’s a little small of a radius, but it is at a different location.

David Carta 2:52
Okay. So why don’t we see how this works? I’m gonna go for a walk with my handheld. And then I can scan badges while I’m out and about, we can see what we can see.

I’m walking out and about. Can you see my location moving?

Kelly Lim 3:08

David Carta 3:09
And if I present a badge, while it shows “Not Near A Door”, you should be able to set it up so these badge scans are not accepted.

Kelly Lim 3:16
Yeah, that’s correct. There’s a way to modify it on the device. So that way, if we’re within the perimeter of the GPS location coordinates, we can disable the badge scanning if required.

David Carta 3:26
Now I should be getting pretty close to the location of the next door. I don’t know if you can see me on the map.

Kelly Lim 3:32
Yeah, so your location is moving as you’re currently on “Lark Street” moving north.

David Carta 3:37
Okay, we should be seeing the updated door pretty soon at this point. It’s still showing the GPS, not near door text. But my guess is any moment it’ll change my door.

Ah, there you go.

Kelly Lim 3:49
And there’s our notification. Just for the viewers who are looking at the map, we’re giving Google location tracking. So that icon where David is showing has been fully updated. Maybe not yet. The update on the Google Maps might be a little slow. Sorry about that. But as we saw on the handheld device under the door, he did get a notification that says that he was in a new GPS location under the “NorthEast Entry”. And so as he scans people now, he can grant access. And it becomes an activity and shows up in the activity history. If you want to refresh this, you’ll see the new location of the GPS coordinates. The reader GPS has been updated to this new location.

David Carta 4:26
As I walk away from the last door, we now see the “GPS Not Near Door” text showing again. I’m going to walk back toward the front door of the “Telaeris Office”.

Right now, I’m about 100 feet away from the office. My guess is any second I’ll be popping back to the “Telaeris Office” door. There we go. Look at that.

Well, that’s pretty cool. Thank you very much for showing me how this works. It’s pretty slick how seamless this all went.

Kelly Lim 4:55
We believe a lot of customers will definitely benefit from this new feature.

David Carta 4:58
Well, thanks again, Kelly. Talk to you soon.

Kelly Lim 5:01
All right, thanks. Talk to you soon.

David Carta 5:02

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