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  • XPressEntry gets a HealthCheck

    XPressEntry gets a HealthCheck

    The good news for all of us is COVID-19 vaccines are entering global distribution and people’s arms, but it will be many more months before vaccine production and distribution catches up to the 7.8 billion people on our planet. We must remain vigilant at reducing risk of Covid-19 spread while vaccinations continue to roll out. […]

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  • Sample Student Health Check Card

    8 Best Practices for Quick Student Covid Check-Ins

    Telaeris generally implements our XPressEntry handheld badge readers for companies and their employees. Recently, we deployed our system to register student entry in support of reopening schools, following guidelines in place for preventing the spread of COVID. We found tracking young elementary students to be significantly different than for adult employees. In the first 5 […]

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  • nfc-ble-XPID

    Fast Features Ep. 5 — How Do HID’s Mobile Credentials Work with the XPressEntry Handhelds?

    In this episode of XPressEntry Fast Features we demonstrate how you can read HID’s mobile credentials via BLE or NFC to validate employee badges, and/or grant entry to a secure facility. In the XPressEntry Fast Features video series, our engineering team showcases the latest updates and improvements built into XPressEntry. These videos provide a hands-on […]

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