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  • Blinded by the Light – Benefit and Drawbacks of High Intensity Displays

    There is nothing like real-world feedback to allow you to find ways that your product might be improved. One of our customers sent us this feedback regarding mustering using our old Windows Mobile based handheld system. “Our biggest issue was the inability to see anything on the device screen. It was a very sunny day […]

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  • Down the Rabbit Hole with Casi-Rusco

    We got knee deep into a couple employee identification projects over the summer.  Both systems said that they were using standard HID Prox cards, but as we went through the deploy, we found out that both customers were using HID Prox and another technology badge that our readers could not interpret correctly. As we took […]

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  • Is RFID Watching You? Concerns with RFID and Privacy

    While describing Telaeris and our products, I often discuss how we track people during emergency evacuations.  This requires us to monitor access control systems, when & where people scan their badges and sometimes provide RFID systems which actively track where in a facility people are. This often leads people to ask me – isn’t this […]

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  • XPressTools keeps track of where our tools are, who has it, and it’s condition. Thanks Telaeris for a great solution. XPressTools saves us time and money.

    Chris Thaman, Blakey’s Flooring
  • Telaeris’ equipment enabled us to reduce costs and increase efficiency significantly.

    Don Francis, British Petroleum
  • Telaeris helped identify the best equipment and practices to improve our existing RFID tracking system.

    Ted Corral, Taylor Guitars