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  • Handheld Badge Readers

    Top 10 Uses for Handheld Badge Verification

    David Carta, our company CEO, recently gave a presentation on the Top 10 Uses for Handheld Badge Readers. Check out the video below to watch the presentation discussing the top 10 uses for handheld badge verification.   To jump to individual discussion on any topic in the video presentation, you can click on the relevant […]

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  • RFID Blocking Wallets – Part 1 How Well Do They Work?

    Sometimes connections can happen in unexpected ways. Through a program with the San Diego World Trade Organization, Telaeris became acquainted with Allett, a wallet manufacturing company, and its owner Bridget Muscat. Both of our companies are competing for the MetroConnect grand prize for the best effort to expand our companies internationally. My first discussion with […]

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  • scrabble related to customers and sales

    Education, Not Sales!

    I’ve learned many valuable lessons from my experiences, whether I was earning my BS at Caltech, my Masters and PhD at UCSD, working in a corporate environment for ten years at Cubic Corporation, or founding my own company, Telaeris. But as I look back, I find that I learned some of my most valuable lessons […]

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  • XPressTools keeps track of where our tools are, who has it, and its condition. Thanks Telaeris for a great solution. XPressTools saves us time and money.

    Chris Thaman, Blakey’s Flooring
  • Telaeris’ equipment enabled us to reduce costs and increase efficiency significantly.

    Don Francis, British Petroleum
  • Telaeris helped identify the best equipment and practices to improve our existing RFID tracking system.

    Ted Corral, Taylor Guitars