Fast Features Ep. 4 — Multi-User Entry

In this episode of XPressEntry Fast Features we demonstrate how you can use the XPressEntry handhelds to grant access to multiple people at once. In the XPressEntry Fast Features video series, our engineering team showcases the latest updates and improvements built into XPressEntry. These videos provide a hands-on look into features used for:

Handheld Badge VerificationEmergency MusteringHealthCheck: COVID-19 Screening

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Video Transcript

Dave: Hey Alex! How are you doing today?

Alex: I’m doing well, how are you doing today Dave?

Dave: Doing great! You’re going to be showing us our new multi entry feature?

Alex: Yeah, so in the past we had a single entry per scan mode. And that’s how we’ve been using XPressEntry but we’ve had several customers that wanted to process people in batches. So let’s say we have people driving in and multiple people in the same car. You may only want to let the car in if everybody in the car can actually be on your site. So, it’s as simple as presenting your card- each person’s card- to the badge reader in multi-entry mode. And.. it will list out each person that is coming in.

Dave: Alright so we have four people and somebody came in with an unknown badge. So what would you expect to happen right now?

Alex: Well, in this case, it’s the car or the group of people are not allowed to come in. So once you submit this, they will all be denied to the system.

Dave: And you can actually see that there are 3 people denied and 1 person unknown.. Oh, what happened on the left there?

Alex: So the system is actually integrated in an AMAG access control system. So as we enter or exit people from our XPressEntry handheld those activities are pushed into AMAG. So as you can see, it’s because those people were denied on XPressEntry, we have an activity in AMAG that shows that this person was denied by our Entry reader. And it even sends the unknown card activity.

Dave: So let’s say we kick that person out of our car because we do want to go into the facility and we rescan those people…(*Alex scans badges*).. Well, I guess these are different people.

Alex: All same… oh, yeah sorry, different person.

Dave: That’s fine. Lillian’s the same. So we submit them.

Alex: And they are all granted.

Dave: Ah, they all got into XPressEntry and wow! That was pretty fast into AMAG as well, so that’s awesome!

Alex: Yup, and this mode works for both entry and exit mode so if we were going to exit those same 3 people… we can do that as well.

Dave: Awesome, that’s really slick!
Alex: Yeah, it’s a way to actually look at people as a group rather than just as an individual person. There’s one more feature to this. Excuse me, got a fly flying around… One more piece of this. If a guard sees something suspicious half way through scanning these people who do have valid access, he actually has the option to manually deny them even though each person has access. So you’d click there, then confirm to deny and now the entire group is denied.

Dave: And presumably, you can use that feature to send information back to the security operation center saying that the guard found certain information. So if a customer wanted to have extra information, we could alert the higher ups in security that there was a problem.

Alex: Correct, most access control systems have the ability to customize the way that they alarm and when denied cards come through.

Dave: Awesome, that was really cool. Thanks!

Alex: No problem.

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