Fast Features Ep. 3 – Muster Display

In this episode of XPressEntry Fast Features we demonstrate how you can customize XPressEntry’s display in Muster Mode. In the XPressEntry Fast Features video series, our engineering team showcases the latest updates and improvements built into XPressEntry. These videos provide a hands-on look into features used for:

Handheld badge verificationEmergency musteringHealth screening

Click below to see the video:

Video Transcript

Chris: Hi David

David: Hi Chris. So you’re telling me we had a customer who was saying that they wanted to have more information on our mustering screen so you worked to deliver something to them. You wanna show me what you did?

Chris: Yeah we basically- they wanted to make the text on this list view bigger here and they also wanted to be able to customize the information here to show contact phone numbers. So what we did was added the ability to customize the list with some sequel. It is a very simple sample here that you can hit but I’m going to do something a little more complicated. Um..and then we’ll paste the bottom here too. And then they also wanted to be able to make the text in the… the text bigger. So we’ll make it 30- the default is 18. Better. And then we added the ability to align left or right because it might be nice to make it go left in here so… This is what the list will look like when we make it go left.

David: So you hit save and then it pushes automatically to the handheld. That’s nice.

Chris: Yes and displayed automatically. And then if we click inside of somebody, you could see their contact information and potentially other information, that’s relevant to…

David: And there I am. So if you can’t get a hold of their cell phone, you could call me as their manager. And if I get lost, I guess we’re out of luck.

Chris: You are, but you would also still be on the missing list and of course we have to scale it appropriately here. But everything should be lined up.

David: That’s nice. And so you could put whatever you want in there. If you wanted to not have the Zone Entry in there, you could actually take that out of the…

Chris: Yeah! That was one thing people were asking for. The other thing was like “What is this time stamp? Why do I need to know what day people entered?” was one question. And then um, also you could show things like the last reader they scanned at. Or you could show any UDF field, any user field that we import from another system. So these are actual, like UDFs imported from Secur in this case.

David: Could you remove the zone entry? And make it a little bit larger?

Chris: Sure.

David: Can you make it 40?

Chris: Stop the zone entry time in that. And we’ll make it 40.

David: And then it’ll save and get pushed out into the handheld. Wow! That’s big!
Chris: 40 is big!

David: Cool. uh.. And then you click on any of those and you could still get all the extra information you want? That’s pretty awesome. Well, thank you for this. It’s neat to see.

Chris: Alright, my pleasure.

David: Thanks.

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