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Offsite Mustering

Mustering Employees Five Miles Offsite!
XPressEntry solves a problem of taking 8 hours to muster employees.


fire and emergency

Accounting for onsite employees during an emergency is a responsibility of every company. Depending on existing processes, infrastructures, locations, and environmental conditions, each company has its own unique set of challenges for mustering employees during evacuation drills or during actual disasters.

This is especially true for a Canadian oil refinery who recently became a Telaeris client.

This particular facility had recently experienced a full site evacuation in response to a large forest fire. Due to the remoteness of the facility and its proximity to the nearby forest, the existing procedures called for all 800+ site workers be evacuated. They all boarded a fleet of buses and evacuated to a safe area five miles away. This particular fire was fierce and time to get off the site was limited. Where they had previously accounted for all employees onsite, in this case it was impossible. Instead, as each employee got onto their respective bus, they dropped their company ID badge into a bucket to be accounted for later.

Once at the evacuation site, personnel had to remotely connect into their security command center computer and manually process each badge. When all was said and done, 8 hours had passed before they were able to manually verify that all employees had evacuated safely and no one was left behind.


emergency in refinery

Solution and Results:
Knowing there had to be a better way, our client did some research and found Telaeris’ XPressEntry solution.
Telaeris integrated our XPressEntry with this clients existing CCURE 9000 access control system. XPressEntry’s mustering capabilities provided the perfect solution to quickly account for the safety of all employees using mobile handheld devices. As all devices are equipped with a cellular connection, the client is now able to account for their employees anywhere – onsite, on buses, or at the safe zone five miles offsite.

Most importantly, while at the safe zone, they can now simply scan all employee badges on the handhelds. Just as importantly, they can view a live list of which employees are still missing. This allows them to quickly verify the safety and location of all employees.

For more information on employee mustering with XPressEntry, please call Telaeris at 858-627-9700 or email

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