Case Studies

Chemical Plant Facial Recognition Case Study with XPressEntry + LenelS2 OnGuard

Introduction This case study delves into the experiences of a prominent Taiwanese plastics company, boasting a workforce of 10,000 employees and a significant presence in the United States. The primary objective of this company was to elevate its physical security measures, employee verification processes, and entry/exit tracking at workplace entrances, all while harmonizing with its […]

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Oil & Gas Emergency Mustering Case Study with XPressEntry + Genetec Synergis

Introduction This case study delves into the experience of a multinational oil and gas corporation headquartered in the United States. The company aimed to standardize and improve their emergency mustering procedures across various international sites, all while harnessing the capabilities of their existing Genetec Synergis access control systems. Challenges Operating an oil and gas facility […]

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Airport Handheld Badge Verification Case Study with XPressEntry + Honeywell Pro-Watch

Introduction This case study focuses on the experience of two major commercial airports in the United States, both located in the same city. Both airports faced challenges with major construction projects and managing construction worker access to and within Security Identification Display Areas (SIDA).  Challenges Airport security is a big deal. These major airports combined […]

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Steel Plant Emergency Mustering Case Study with XPressEntry + AMAG Symmetry

Introduction This case study focuses on the experience of a renowned steel making company with international operations based in India. The company faced a regulatory compliance issue with worker safety at a steel plant in the United Kingdom. The plant needed an emergency mustering solution that integrated with an existing access control system to solve […]

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Mining Industry Handheld Badge Verification Case Study with XPressEntry + Maxxess eFusion

Introduction This large Fortune 500 mining company and has been providing engineering, procurement and construction services for more than 100 years. To enhance their eFusion access control system from Maxxess, the large mining company has implemented XPressEntry handheld badge and biometric readers at a project site to improve operations and management of all contractors.  Challenges […]

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Finding Missing Records Boxes Fast with XPressFinder

Introduction The San Diego City Clerk’s office for archives and records management asked for help with a nagging problem. Retained records boxes would sometimes get misfiled in the 33,000 square foot warehouse. When a retrieval request for records in one of these boxes came in, an all hands hunt ensued to find that one box. […]

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Employee Verification from a Remote Airport Tarmac

security remote airport tarmac

XPressEntry provides a simple solution to a significant problem. Problem With hundreds of employees arriving by jet daily, manually verifying each employee on the airport tarmac by calling the security office was painful. Operating one of the largest refineries in Canada, this customer’s facility is equipped with a fully functioning private airport. Every day, multiple […]

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Offsite Mustering

Emergency in refinery

Mustering Employees Five Miles Offsite! XPressEntry solves a problem of taking 8 hours to muster employees. The Problem Accounting for onsite employees during an emergency is a responsibility of every company. Depending on existing processes, infrastructures, locations, and environmental conditions, each company has its own unique set of challenges for mustering employees during evacuation drills […]

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