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7 Ways To Account for Your Employees
During an Emergency

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Having procedures in place for workplace evacuations is part of what employers should do to keep their employees safe in case of emergencies. “Accounting for all employees after an emergency evacuation has been completed” is one of the Department of Labor’s minimum requirements for an emergency action plan (EAP). However, the manner in which an employer should perform ..

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Improve Your Emergency Readiness by Badging Out

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Is it time for Badge-out?

Should You Consider Badge-Out? We’ve been living in a COVID-19 world for more than five months now. As lock downs have eased in some locations and businesses cautiously re-open, working from home remains encouraged because it reduces worker density inside office spaces. However, there are real benefits to returning to the workplace for some in-person […]

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Top 10 Uses for Handheld Badge Verification

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Handheld Badge Readers

David Carta, our company CEO, recently gave a presentation on the Top 10 Uses for Handheld Badge Readers. Check out the video below to watch the presentation discussing the top 10 uses for handheld badge verification.   To jump to individual discussion on any topic in the video presentation, you can click on the relevant […]

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