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Track Construction Time

RFID Makes Timekeeping Painless at Construction Site

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Automation; it's what modern-day technology is all about! Track Construction Time Recently, Telaeris was asked to simplify employee time-keeping for a construction yard using radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. The company had 3000 employees and wanted to know both who was on the job site and when they came and left. Instead of hand punched time-cards which were tedious [...]

Introduction to RFID

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About a year ago, Telaeris hosted a hands-on RFID Lunch & Learn, co-sponsored by IEEE. We had a full house filled with engineers, managers, and business owners. Lost of questions were asked and our attendees learned how they can utilize RFID to streamline their business processes. There is no beauty in hoarding good knowledge, so we want […]

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Beware the Blog – Tips for a Good Post

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beware the blog

Every summer, Telaeris hires a number of interns to work on a variety of real world projects. At the close of the internships, they are asked to write an article that highlights the biggest lessons they learned while working with us. Some of these articles we feature on our Telaeris blog. But even for students [...]

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Don’t Cross the RFID Line

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don't cross the line

A customer asked if we could use a passive UHF RFID (Ultra-High Frequency Radio Frequency Identification) system to monitor if employees crossed certain line in their warehouse. Because of the industry they were in, they could be assessed steep fines when unauthorized people entered restricted areas. After hearing about this request from my engineers, I jumped [...]

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