Top 5 Ways to Streamline Emergency Evacuations with XPressEntry

Ensure everyone is safely accounted for during a true emergency.

Here are 5 ways XPressEntry streamlines emergency evacuations in accordance with OSHA guidelines.

5. Keep Track of Occupancy
XPressEntry is a powerful tool that maintains your latest facility occupancy by continuously monitoring your physical access control system.

4. Flexible by Design
Emergencies are unpredictable and can force assembly sites to be moved due to unsafe conditions. Account for your people from anywhere with no additional infrastructure.

3. Fast and Efficient
With XPressEntry, safety and security staff can quickly account for hundreds or even thousands of people in minutes.

2. Identify Who is Missing
Check in people even if they show up to the wrong assembly point and provide first responders with the last known locations of missing people.

1. Smooth Operation
XPressEntry transforms a chaotic emergency situation into a straightforward process, providing critical information when clear answers are needed most.

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