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The Lazy Man’s Approach to 10x Productivity

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From 2015 through 2016, Telaeris executed a service contract with Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton to assist them with labeling 30000 Base Property assets. This article is a high-level discussion of how Telaeris sped up the work process. For more detailed information of the actual work, please read the accompanying blog article, Logistics Service at Camp Pendleton There is a quote […]

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D0wn and D1rty with Wiegand

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A few months ago, we published a history of where Weigand came from and a "light-on-technical-details" overview of how it works.  For those of us that are more engineer-y, it left a bit to be desired.  For me in particular, I recently was doing some low level work with one of my engineers.  We were [...]

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Don’t Get Off the Bus!

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Telaeris' first foray into the security field had little to do with RFID, but a lot to do with where we would head in the future. In late 2006, one of our early customers had an urgent requirement. They had more than 500 contractors arriving onsite for a maintenance event lasting 2 months. The facility lacked sufficient [...]

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