Why Do Employers Need Emergency Mustering?

We asked our customers a simple question to try and understand why they purchased and deployed our XPressEntry System for emergency mustering.

What was the main driver that moved you
to implement an emergency mustering system?

Some of the answers surprised us.  Here are the reasons our customers gave, in their own words.

  1. We need a mustering system to improve our accountability for employees.

  2. We wanted to improve employee safety.

  3. Our corporate policy mandates a need for accountability of our employees during emergencies.

  4. We had an incident where we needed to know where our employees were, but we didn’t have any way to track them.

  5. Our industry has safety rules that require a type of mustering as part of their requirement for employee accountability.

  6. Our existing system was slow and inaccurate.

  7. We wanted a mobile and electronic manner to account for people accurately.

  8. During an emergency drill, we noticed that our current system did not work.

  9. We were spending a lot of time standing around outside after a fire drill, wasting time instead of building our products.

  10. We needed a mustering solution that was accurate, efficient, and compatible with our existing access control system.

  11. We are mandated by  company policy to have evacuation procedures in place, so we wanted the best system to fulfill that task.

  12. We have real emergencies that arise, so having a mustering system is required for our own peace of mind and safety.

  13. It’s all about not getting sued!

  14. Because our evacuation captains now will sometimes work from home, we wanted a system that anyone could pick up to roster everyone in our building.

A couple themes shine through in the reasons above. Companies want to take better care of their employees. Employers see room for improvement in their existing processes. Finally, the comments sprinkle in a little fear of liability and government/industry mandates. The great thing is that by being better prepared, everyone wins – employers and their employees.

If Telaeris can help you improve your emergency mustering process, reach out and we’ll help you figure out the best solution for your company.


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