XPressEntry Desktop Release: 3.6.6647

## What’s Changed
### New Features
* Added support for DMP Entre Integration
* Added support for ZKTeco Integration
* Added MRZ Scan options for visitor enrollment with IDScan.NET
* Added new Alerts feature to support panic alarm support from handheld device
* Updated Occupancy performance which improves performance for larger systems

### Server/Client Updates
* Fixed Desktop Login Issue where login would continuously fail
* Updated IDScan.NET Libraries to support latest version
* Updated Telaeris libraries to address Freedom Standalone issues
* Fixed issue causing error in muster view when moving missing person from the missing list to the scanned list
* Fixed minor Add/Edit Info bugs
* Updated Xpressentrydatabasetool db creation messages
* Added option to disabled GPS Door setting option when location tracking is off
* Updated client synchronization process
* Fixed RFID Reader view and clear memory function not working as expected
* Added option to process badges only with alpha-numeric values
* Fixed Occupancy bug for Clean Database
* Fixed Display User Images on Handheld being unchecked
* Fixed muster site check boxes not working as expected
* Fixed Reader Setup Invalid Credential Issues

### Onguard Integration Updates
* Added Support Badge import filter on Badge Type
* Added sending Alarms Activity to alarm monitor
### AEOS Integration Updates
* Fixed issue related to Socket Activity Sending
* Added Event parsing. Added Support to Profile Update Events
* Added checkbox to enable/disable processing Profile Update Events
* Added NEDAP Profile Update event parsing with Arrival DateTime Range Filter
* Updated Visitor Search API with ModificationDateRange
* Added support to parse unknown user name in profile update event
### Avigilon Integration Updates
* Added Avigilon Missing DLL to Installer
* Fixed Muster Activities Activity Push to Avigilon ACM
### Galaxy Integration Updates
* Fixed API delays causing threshold exceeded error
### Max-Pro Integration Updates
* Added References fix for Honeywell MaxPro
### Sipass Integration Updates
* Added logs in occupancy updates
### Velocity Integration Updates
* Fixed Duplicate UDF name issue
### RS2 Integration Updates
* Fixed null mapping for RS2 company into user
* Fixed RS2 Companies sync issue
* Inactive Cardholders can be excluded by an option
### Gallagher Integration Updates
* Fixed issues causing full sync to fail with unexpected bad data
* Added toggle options to send scan event and location update on badge scan
### Bluevision Integration Updates
* Updated Bluevision Integration to support latest version
### Galaxy Integration Updates
* Added support for badge expiration Date updates with user Insurance Date Fields

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