Telaeris Announces XPressEntry SMS-Mustering

Telaeris Inc., the industry leader in handheld based solutions for security and safety, announces XPressEntry SMS-Mustering today from ASIS 2015.

The addition of SMS-Mustering to XPressEntry takes emergency mustering to a whole new level by adding the ability to quickly broadcast alerts to employees via text messaging. Employees may then respond with their current status and whereabouts. The software complements the current XPressEntry line of products, including mobile handheld badge scanners and active and passive RFID, improving the ability to account for every employee during emergency situations. All SMS responses and XPressEntry data is automatically synced in real-time with a facility’s physical security system giving safety personnel real-time status of the situation while delivering these key benefits:

  • Send text messages to users who are not accounted for;
  • Users can respond to text to be accounted for by the system;
  • Requests for assistance from users sends alerts into system;
  • Alerts may be automatically forwarded to responsible parties;
  • Improves safety of employees during emergency.

“In an emergency evacuation, many employees don’t go to their assigned rostering locations and may leave the premises altogether, which leaves them unaccounted for,” says David Carta, Telaeris CEO. “Now with the SMS Mustering feature in XPressEntry, missing employees can be remotely accounted for by responding to a simple text message. More importantly, employees in danger can be identified and helped as information is easily available for use by first responders.”

Emergencies can happen anyplace, anytime. Be ready. Greatly improve safety and overall security by adding Telaeris’ XPressEntry emergency mustering solutions to any existing physical security system.

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