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In this episode of XPressEntry Fast Features we demonstrate how to connect the Comper Forehead Thermometer with the XPressEntry handheld via Bluetooth. Kelly Lim walks through the XPressEntry HealthCheck mode, and demonstrates how to capture temperature on the XPressEntry handhelds wirelessly.

In the XPressEntry Fast Features video series, our engineering team showcases the latest updates and improvements built into XPressEntry. These videos provide a hands-on look into features used for:

Handheld Badge VerificationEmergency MusteringHealthCheck: COVID-19 Screening

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Video Transcript

Dave: Hi, my name is David Carta, CEO of Telaeris. One of the first initiatives Telaeris embarked upon at the start of the pandemic was to modify our XPressEntry handheld badge system to assist companies with questionnaire screening for COVID-19. Kelly Lim was our engineer that helped architect this solution. Hi Kelly!

Kelly: Hey Dave.

Dave: So what was the hardest part about building this health feature into XPressEntry?

Kelly: So the most difficult part was different customers had different needs in terms of what questions they would ask during a health screening. So for instance, you can see here on the screen we have: “Have you traveled recently?” or “Do you have a fever?”

Dave: Those seem to be pretty standard. But I seem to remember that we had a customer that wanted to do live temperature scanning.

Kelly: Yeah! So let’s submit this person and we can actually add that live temperature scanning. So I’m going to select no for both these questions and we will submit this data. As you will see here I’ll do an entry. If you go over to the setting page here, you’ll see that we have our options on what questions to display. So we’re going to enable our temperature scan.

Dave: Can we get rid of the other two?

Kelly: Yes we can.

Dave: So now we should only be seeing the temperature scan.

Kelly: Correct, yes. So now if we come back to the handheld, you can tell that green arrow’s downloading the updated data. And then we’re going to submit the badge number again and you’ll see here for Gold that his temp scan is the only thing available.

Dave: So now if you wanted to enter this, I’d assume that you can just click on the button and enter it. What happens if you wanted to tie it into, let’s say, a live bluetooth temperature thermometer.

Kelly: Yeah, so how we’re going to connect to a bluetooth thermometer… I have a Comper device right here, a small little bluetooth thermometer, easy to use. We’re going to go to our Keylink application and we’re going to go to “External Devices”. And what we’re going to do is set it up for the very first time. We’re going to select the Comper thermometer and we’re going to do “Discover BLE devices”. We got to allow the permissions first, and we’ll try one more time. And I’ll turn the device on. Perfect! So we see the device, we’re going to highlight it, and we’re going to click “next.” So we’ll see here, it says “Device connected.” So this is going to happen the very first time and once it’s connected for the first time, it should auto reconnect at any given time.
So we’re going to set it to Farenheit because we’re in the U.S. We’re going to go back to the XPressEntry application now. So, you can see here the bluetooth thermometer, the icon I should say, on the top right- it’s turned green. I’m going to scan my own temperature. And you can see 97.88, and over here it will say 97.88. So it actually directly inputs the temperature.

Dave: That’s really nice.

Kelly: Yeah!

Dave: Excellent! How does this integrate with, let’s say, an access control system?

Kelly: So for access control, we integrate with OnGuard and AMAG Symmetry. And we have 25 other integrations that we integrate with. They will all work very similarly, where we can still enter people into the facility by also doing a health check screening at the same time. And that will be stored locally within XPressEntry.

Dave: Nice, and I imagine this should all be managed directly through XPressEntry since your access control system isn’t built to manage health data.

Kelly: Ah, yes. All data will be stored locally within XPressEntry. You can view the data anytime and also remove any of the data depending on compliance laws.

Dave: Nice! Well, thanks for sharing this with us.

Kelly: No problem, Dave!

Dave: Alright, have a great night!

Kelly: You too.

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