Troubleshooting card scans not showing the correct number

These questions are intended to help you figure out the card scanning issues you’re having.


Question 1) What is showing in the XPressEntry handheld application? Is it showing a number like 0x1A05399976? They key here is that the displayed card starts with 0x followed by a hex length.

If Yes, This is the output from KeyLink and likely means that the Wiegand format for that card type has not been entered into the system. Get this information from the customer or skip #2. XPressEntry matches the cards to the number first based off of the bit length. If those checks fail, it just displays the raw badge number from KeyLink.

If No, proceed to #2.

Question 2) Is XPressEntry showing a number but the wrong number?

The number we’re expecting is something like 123456789(hex 75BCD15) but you’re getting 365779719 (hex 15CD5B07). This means that the byte order expected from the access control system is different than we’re expecting in XPressEntry. This can be fixed in one of two ways. 1) check the “Reverse UID Bytes” checkbox on KeyLink(builds 177 and beyond). Or 2) Change the Reverse Byte Order field in the Wiegand format within XPressEntry. This is most common when working with cards where we’re using the Serial Number from the card and not

Did that fix your issue?

If not, there may be some other issue with the Wiegand Format you’ll need a Telaeris engineer to take a quick look at.


If at this point we’re still not seeing what we’re expecting, gather the following information:

  • A screenshot or copy of the data from KeyLink.
  • What the expected Card Number is.
  • Anything else about the cards you can get from the end customer/integrator. Card type, formats, everything.


Contact [email protected] with the above details and someone will get to helping you out ASAP.