XPressTools Asset Tracking

Asset Tracking

datasheet Inventory Management

XPressTools provides handheld inventory management solutions for everyday asset tracking.

Video of XPressTools- inventory management (formerly known as TagTrakker).

Key Features:

  • Assign items to people, locations, or jobs with a single click
  • Easy to use interface, database search, and filtering features
  • Keep a permanent record history of item inspections
  • Built in support for barcodes and RFID

Asset tracking software and inventory control can be confusing. XPressTools is designed to make it simple for you. Fast search features and integrated barcoding allow you to eliminate inconsistencies in your asset records to ease internal record keeping. Spend less time looking for lost equipment, and more time on the job with XPressTools asset tracking. And with built-in mapping features and linked documents, you will always know where your assets are along with their relevant documentation.

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