Top 5 Ways to Enhance Access Control with XPressEntry Handheld Badge Readers

Enhance Physical Security & Access Control with XPressEntry

Here are the top 5 reasons why XPressEntry enhances physical security and access control.

5. Worker Time Clock
Easily print timesheets and verify check-in and check-out times for employees, contractors, or work crews.

4. Trainings and Events
Use existing employee badges to quickly track attendance at corporate events like trainings, seminars, or required safety meetings.

3. Validate Access Permissions
Check access permissions to secured work areas requiring special security clearances.

2. Grant Entry from Remote Access Points
Grant access at any gate including temporary entrances, buses, remote parking structures and more…

1. Authenticate Cardholder Identity
Beyond just verifying a badge, verify an employee’s face with the photo on record to ensure the right person is in possession of the badge.

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