Service Communications / Certificate Permissions Issue

This article is for issues where the XPressEntry Server or Client can’t communicate with the XPressEntryService.

There are two likely causes for the Client/Server not being able to communicate with the service.

1) The Firewall is blocking port 29999 (this article is not about this as you should be able to verify this easily)
2) Incorrect access permissions to the self signed certificate’s private key used by the service to communicate with the clients.

If you are connecting locally from the same computer as the service, the (1) The Firewall is likely NOT the issue.

What we see is the client/server tries to connect with the service and immediately gets rejected.

To Recreate the issue on a brand new install:
1) Install XPressEntry
2) Run the service at least once as LocalSystem.
3) Set the service to run as a local non-administrator user



This issue can be fixed by giving the Service access to the certificates private key.

1) Open mmc.exe
2) File -> Add/Remove Snap-In
3) Select Certificates and press Add
4) Select Computer Account and press Next. Then press Finish with “Local Computer” selected
5) Hit OK on the Add/Remove Snap-ins Dialog
6) Select Certificates -> Personal -> Certificates.
7) Find the XPressEntryService Certificate
8) Right Click -> All Tasks -> Manage Private Keys
9) Give the user account assigned to the XPressEntryService by hitting Add and selecting Full Control after looking them up.
10) Restart the XPressEntryService