Run an API Call from the XPressEntry Client

This KB is to describe a small feature we’ve added to allow some arbitrary functionality via the XPressEntry Client. You can now make any API call when starting the client. This was setup to run a Data Manager Full Sync from a clients PC after they’ve made some changes to the source data. This way they don’t need to wait for the hourly or daily full sync which was setup.

How to use it: #

From the command line, you can now do something like the following:

XPressEntryClient.exe /a=DataManagerFullSync /q=yes /username=admin /password=Telaeris1!

You can obviously do this with a Windows Shortcut too.


Note: If the client is installed anywhere but on the XPressEntry service box, you will have to setup the client to connect to the server at least once first.

Those arguments do the following: #

/a=API_CALL – Where API_CALL is the API call to make. You can specify more than one by just adding another /a= to the line

/q=yes – Quit after you’ve run the API calls

/username=USERNAME  – Fill in the API username to use

/password=PASSWORD  – Fill in the API password to use


Note: You can use Windows Authentication if you don’t specify the username/password.