Process for Adding an XPressEntry Handheld to an existing system.

There are 4 main steps here. You can do them in any order, but all 3 should be done before you’re ready.

1) Setting Power Settings: #

Exit out of handheld application
Start Menu(windows icon)
Settings -> Control panel
Backlight -> Set Brightness on Battery power to 100
Timeout Tab. Set Battery power to 2 minutes.
Close Backlight.
Scroll down to Power
Click Timeout Tab
Uncheck both boxes.

2) Making sure KeyLink is set appropriately: #

Double click on Keylink icon in Taskbar(Gold Plus). If you don’t find it, run the link from desktop.
Go to Settings Tab

Make sure “Start in Tray” is set.
All settings:
Prefix: 0x
Post: Cr
Output Mode: Copy/Paste

Format Output: UNCHECKED
Include Length: CHECKED
Start in Tray: CHECKED

Make sure button at bottom says “Remove Boot Shortcuts” and not “Create Boot Shortcuts”

3) Setting up new handheld: #

Always start from the Setup Page.
Some devices will go directly to this, others might be on a “Present Badge to Login”(then go Menu -> Setup)

We first want to change the IP address of the server:
Starts with PPP_PEER usually
Change it to your server IP address
This can be done with the soft keyboard, or by hitting the # key next to the field.

Next, we Check Server

Reset and Update lists(then yes)

After it finishes, you will press update lists one more time.
Then in the bottom right click on F4: Back

4) Configuring the Handheld on the Server: #

After the initial sync has been performed on the handheld, it will be added to the server database.  There is some configuration that needs to be done on the server in order to tell the handheld how to operate.

In XPressEntry, navigate to the readers tab (Add/Edit info tab> Readers tab).

Under the Handhelds box on the top left, select the Guid that matches the Guid on the handheld.  On the handheld, the Guid can be found in XPressEntry, on the setup page, under the “More” tab.

Give the handheld a meaningful name.  It is very useful to label your handhelds as well.  Set the handheld’s Door, Verification Zone, and Profile.  The profile contains the list of settings the handheld will abide by.

Select Save.

The only thing left to do is sync the handheld to the server one more time on the handheld.

After all this is done, restart the device and make sure nothing is wrong!