Galaxy to XPressEntry Synchronization Setup

Galaxy -> XPressEntry Setup

There are 3 parts to the installation
1) Galaxy Control Systems application(you already know how to set this up)
2) Galaxy API installer
3) XPressEntry installer

The XPressEntry system communications only through the Galaxy API.

For our purposes, you can set up the Galaxy API first and then configure it through XPressEntry
Just install the GalaxyAPISetup MSI and make sure the “Galaxy API” Service is running.

Install XPressEntry
Choose the default options you want. The default username/password is admin/admin

Tools -> Settings(Alt-S)

When setting it up the first time, set the Log Level to SQL and set a Max Log Size
Then on the Server Tab, change the Service Type from Local In Application to Local Windows Service
Press Stop next to that combo box and start the XPressEntryService service from services.msc

That should get the service running. If it doesn’t, you have a few options.
1) Restart the XPressEntry application. This is actually required when changing the Service Type.
2) Look in the Server Activity Logs(Right most tab in XPressEntry)
3) Go to the Event Viewer, select the XPressEntry Log and look for Errors.

Any/all of these are our standard moethods for determining errors with the XPressEntry Service.

Okay, now XPE is up and running with the Service, we want to setup the Data manager to Galaxy.

When setting it up the first time, don’t enable any frequencies or activity sync’s.
Just check the Enable Data Manager box and select GALAXY
Then press “Setup Data Manager”

If everything is running on the same machine, then you should be able to just use these settings.
Press “Connect”
Then press “Set and Test”
The Data Setup tab lets you select which reader types to synchronize. Not selecting anything gets all readers from Galaxy.

If all is good, press OK, otherwise fix the connection string.

All Data Manager changes only gett applied when you press “Save and Apply Settings”
Note that this requires us to be communicating with the Service which is doing all the actual work here.

Now we press Full Sync Now and see if our data is syncing.
If it’s good, set the Frequencies and check both bottom checkboxes then press “Save and Apply”

If nothing populates then you have a service error.

I suggest a Full Sync at least daily and a Partial Sync much more frequently.

Activity syncs will be run when an activity comes in from the handheld(this is actually a asetting under “General”, true by default)

Last major steps are to set up the readers and doors
Each door consists of two readers from Galaxy, an IN and OUT reader
Your permissions from those galaxy readers will work when the door is selected on a handheld

So you need to create some Doors in XPE and add some readers to GCS for In/OUT
These are synchronized using the Full Sync(just to be safe)