Steal These Documents!

In the spirit of trying to help out new entrepreneurs, we decided to share the many documents that we use frequently in our business when working with both clients and customers.
Building Blocks
Building Blocks For Your Company

Some of these documents (like the Employee Handbook) were built for us by people who are professionals in the industry. Others, like the NDA and Consultant Agreements, were put together to fit our specific business needs and requirements. The service level agreement document was a difficult document to create as it had to pass the muster of the legal group for a multi-billion dollar company. The employee evaluation packet was built from a variety of samples I found online. Others, I honestly can’t recall the sources or if they were cobbled together from a variety of other sources.

Here is the list of the documents:

  • Employee Handbook
  • Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
  • Consulting Agreement
  • Service Level Agreement For Hosted Application
  • Travel Expense Report
  • Time Off Request
  • Purchase Order Sample
  • Employee Self Evaluation Packet
Steal These Documents
Steal These Documents!

When a company is just starting out, having a source for these types of documents can be extremely helpful. So please, steal these documents. If they help you get back to work instead of wasting your time with paperwork, please let us know!

(If this post looks familiar, it is because it is an expansion from a previous post)

Disclaimer: Telaeris is not liable for any legal issues others might run into using these documents. We hope they help as a starting point, but our policies may or may not match your requirements.
By David Carta, Telaeris CEO

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