Today we are relaunching Telaeris’ blog.

This reboot will be major change with how we at Telaeris publicly present ourselves.  It will provide an open view into much of what we do at Telaeris.  The big question is, how do you make such a change? Easy!  Just hit the button and go!


It would be great if life were so simple. 🙂

As I have grown in my capacity as CEO of Telaeris, I’ve come to realize that there are huge gaps in what I know about running a business. I am certain that what I don’t know about running a business is likely far greater than what I do.

What I don't know

Looking at this graphic,  it makes complete sense that this chart resembles Pac-Man.
“What I don’t know” can be completely overwhelming and can completely devour your time and you.

Something I am still learning as CEO are the keys of trust and delegation.  Hire the right people, delegate appropriate work to them and trust that they will do their jobs excellently. To this end, we have just hired a great new marketing person whose job will be to drive our marketing channels, including creating content for and editing this blog.  Her name is Elizabeth Womack and we’re pretty excited about her joining our team.  Liz is a recent graduate in media communications from Point Loma Nazarene.  She will be making sure we have both useful and relevant information on all our social media channels.

social media

All of these will be driven through our company blog.   We hope to keep things light and entertaining, but above all to present useful information.  You might want to follow us if you are interested in:

1. How to Track Stuff

Tracking data about assets, people, and information is at the core of what we do. If you are interested in barcodes, RFID, security technologies, or the software and hardware that make them work, then the technology and lessons we share here will be of interest to you.

2. Business and Marketing

We are a small company facing many of the challenges that others have faced and are continuing to face.  If we have solved a problem or found a solution to a problem that might help your company, we’ll be sharing it here.  Immediately, I know that our social media efforts will be of interest to many of you out there.

3. Cool Tools to Improve Your Productivity

We are passionate about making life more efficient – for you and for your companies.  This is why we started Telaeris. We are happy to give a shout out to other products that we use and love.

I’m excited about the upcoming changes and our plans for the different channels.  I hope you choose to follow us, friend us, and subscribe.  I think you will be pleased that you did.

David Carta
CEO Telaeris


  1. Alex says:

    The pac-man infographic takes the cake in terms of simplicity+originality. Well said 😉

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