SAN DIEGO—Telaeris, a provider of handheld solutions for physical access control systems (PACS), has announced its new XPressEntry Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) Emergency Evacuation Mustering with HID’s Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Beacons and Gateways.

XPressEntry RTLS Emergency Mustering adds an automatic method to quickly account for workers and visitors in an emergency evacuation at designated assembly areas/muster points and helps provide first responders with a precise, last-known location of any missing persons.

“HID’s RTLS technology continuously tracks the precise location of badged employees and visitors throughout the workplace facility. Combined with XPressEntry, this innovative and comprehensive emergency evacuation mustering solution streamlines and accelerates emergency evacuations in accordance with OSHA and regulatory guidelines,” said Dr. David Carta, chief executive officer, Telaeris. “As a longstanding technology partner with HID, we are excited to further deepen our collaboration with their team.”

“Our location services provide an efficient way to safeguard an organization’s most important asset – its employees. Swift response is crucial in emergencies, and the real-time location awareness provided from HID’s RTLS portfolio enables immediate action, ensuring prompt and effective staff protection,” noted Mark Robinton, vice president of IoT services at HID. “The collaboration with Telaeris offers a great opportunity to broaden the adoption of this valuable employee protection solution, thereby fortifying onsite safety measures for a diverse range of organizations.”

HID’s BLE Gateways are strategically placed throughout workspaces and programmed to provide triangulated occupancy tracking. BLE Gateways constantly listen for BLE Badges in range, linking the occupancy zone to the current location of the badge. With BLE Gateways installed at designated emergency assembly areas/muster points, employees and visitors in possession of their badges will be automatically accounted as safely evacuated within range of the assembly area gateway. The solution concurrently provides the precise location of any missing persons on site including names and ID photos, visible from XPressEntry enabled readers, to enhance life-saving efforts.

XPressEntry enhances HID’s Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons and Gateways in emergency evacuation mustering scenarios in the following ways:

● XPressEntry proudly leads the industry with more than 30 access control system integrations and maintains the latest access control system information including cardholders, new and deleted badges, pictures, permissions, activities, and much more.
● If badges are lost or forgotten, XPressEntry can still account for employees and visitors as safely evacuated at designated assembly areas/muster points by scanning (1) facial recognition or (2) through manual lookup from the live roster list.
● If emergency assembly areas/muster points become unsafe and need to be moved to another location because of smoke, fire, toxic fumes, etc. XPressEntry can still account for employees and visitors from anywhere, even miles away.
● XPressEntry handheld badge and biometric readers uniquely continue to record activities offline when cellular or WiFi connectivity is lost, and all stored activities are synced as soon as the connection is reestablished.
● XPressEntry handheld badge and biometric readers or XPressEntry iOS and Android apps provide safety professionals real-time visibility at assembly areas / muster points of the latest roster lists of missing and safely evacuated individuals.

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