Telaeris Integrates its XPressEntry Handheld Readers with Nedap’s AEOS Access Control System

Telaeris’ XPressEntry handheld readers enhance Nedap’s AEOS Access Control System with mobile badge verification, emergency mustering, and COVID-19 screening functionality.


GROENLO, THE NETHERLANDS – AUGUST 13, 2020 – Nedap Security Management, global leader in access control, today announced the integration of Telaeris’ XPressEntry. XPressEntry puts the power of the AEOS Access Control System conveniently onto compatible handheld readers delivering tremendous flexibility and new physical security functionality. Both companies have tested and certified the integration.

“I’m very pleased to have Telaeris and their XPressEntry solution onboard our Technology Partner Program. They offer a great solution which has a very nice fit with Nedap’ access control system AEOS. Creating great flexibility when it comes to mustering solution or verifying personnel and visitors on the fly, no matter where you are in the building.” Said Wesley Keegstra, Integration Manager at Nedap Security Management.

“Besides this, it’s amazing to see how quickly they adept to current market needs. Telaeris’ HealthCheck is a great solution to make your access control COVID-19 proof.”

“Safety and security professionals around the world welcome the ability to verify identity with badges or biometrics, record entries and exits where door readers are not practical, quickly muster employees during an emergency evacuation, perform medical screenings at entry points, and much more,” said Dr. David Carta, chief executive officer, Telaeris. “Telaeris is proud to work with innovative companies like Nedap to provide the very best mobile solutions for physical security and access control systems.”

What does XPressEntry offer you?

XPressEntry’s badge verification solution maintains updated facility occupancy information on its handheld readers to quickly verify personnel and visitor badge information including name, photo ID, and permissions against the AEOS Access Control database from anywhere with cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity. It also delivers an emergency evacuation and employee mustering solution to quickly perform roll call from remote locations and verify that personnel and visitors are safely evacuated and most importantly, identify any missing people and their last recorded location which can be critical to allow first responders to help save lives. And now in response to COVID-19, XPressEntry handheld badge readers makes it easy to screen, capture, and securely store current health status information of personnel and visitors before entry into any workplace. If there are visible health symptoms or if survey responses fall outside the desired parameters, safety and security professionals can deny access to the workplace and update the AEOS database.

XPressEntry handheld readers are future proofed by reading more badge technologies than any other handheld in the industry including SEOS, iClass, Prox, Casi, Indala, Mifare, PIV, and DESFire EV2 and can simultaneously poll for both HF and LF credentials. XPressEntry has also been penetration tested and certified as secure using appropriate security protocols and encryption.

About Nedap N.V.
Nedap focuses on developing and delivering Technology for Life: technological products that empower people to work more comfortably and be more successful. Nedap N.V. has a workforce of over 750 employees and operates on a global scale. The company was founded in 1929 and has been listed on Euronext Amsterdam since 1947. Its headquarters is located in Groenlo, the Netherlands.

About Telaeris

Founded in 2005, Telaeris, Inc. is a US-based security and safety solutions company, specializing in handheld readers for physical access control, emergency mustering, and identity validation. Telaeris’ XPressEntry is a hardware and software solution that seamlessly integrates with any industry-leading access control system, providing rugged wireless devices capable of reading any badge technology, plus biometric authentication. For more information, please visit /.

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