Telaeris Deploys New Facial Recognition Technology Improving Workplace Physical Security & Safety Verification Solutions

Telaeris’ XPID200 readers expand biometric verification with facial recognition in addition to fingerprint and industry leading support for badge technologies.

SAN DIEGO, CA, UNITED STATES, March 22, 2023 / — Telaeris, Inc., a handheld solution provider for physical access control systems (PACS) announces its new facial recognition verification system on its XPID200 series handheld, mobile readers running XPressEntry software. This new technology comes at a great time when facial recognition accuracy is hitting new highs. Handheld facial verification provides security and safety professionals more options for employee identification as well as accelerating mustering of employees in an emergency evacuation.

Workplace environments are dynamic and range in a wide variety of different shapes and sizes. Security and safety professionals are presented with unique and challenging scenarios every day making it difficult to maintain workplace compliance. Security professionals patrolling and monitoring activities need more than just radio or cell phone communications to perform their job and keep the workplace secure. Safety professionals need more than paper rosters for OSHA compliant emergency evacuations when mustering workers and visitor at assembly areas. XPressEntry directly helps close these gaps.

XPressEntry readers enhance access control systems by verifying permissions and authenticate credentials or biometrics against the identity information on record in the access control system database from anywhere, record entries and exits where door readers are not practical or available, challenge credentials from within secured spaces, spot check permissions to deter tailgating / piggybacking, quickly muster employees during an emergency evacuation, maintain facility occupancy information, and much more.

“XPressEntry is a powerful tool that provides information stored in companies’ access control databases on a handheld, mobile device that may be used anywhere,” said Dr. David Carta, Telaeris CEO. “Adding facial recognition to XPressEntry builds upon our mission to provide the industry’s best handheld and hands-free safety and physical security solutions to enhance access control and occupancy tracking systems.”

XPressEntry is already a proven, fast, and reliable emergency mustering solution that integrates with 30+ access control systems. Each XPressEntry reader can scan 200-250 security badges and complete a mustering event in 10 minutes or less. Now with facial recognition, XPressEntry even further accelerates mustering in an emergency evacuation by being able to scan a group of faces at an assembly area all at once and accounting them as safely evacuated. In addition, XPressEntry supports entry / exit tracking, time and attendance, managing confined spaces, events and trainings, bus entry validation, guest / visitor tracking, remote parking, mobile enrollment, and more.

Visit Telaeris at ISC West in Las Vegas for a live demo of this new facial recognition technology at booth #24116, March 28-31, 2023.

About Telaeris

Founded in 2005, Telaeris, Inc. is a US-based software company, specializing in handheld and hands-free safety and physical security solutions to enhance access control and occupancy tracking systems. Telaeris’ XPressEntry is a hardware and software solution that seamlessly integrates with any industry-leading access control system, providing fixed, kiosk, and handheld devices capable of reading any badge technology, biometrics, and facial recognition. For more information, please visit /.


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