Telaeris Announces XPressEntry’s Integration With ZKTeco Access Control


Telaeris, Inc., a pioneering provider of handheld solutions for Physical Access Control Systems (PACS), announces from the International Security Conference & Exposition (ISC West) its new XPressEntry software integration with ZKTeco USA access control solution.

Security guards and teams with ZKTeco USA’s ZKBiosecurity v5000 access control systems can now benefit from XPressEntry’s convenient, flexible, and intelligent handheld and kiosk readers to help tackle unique scenarios including on-the-go identity verification and access control checks to help make the workplace safer and more secure.

Demands Of Physical Security

In the ever-evolving landscape of corporate environments, security and safety professionals encounter a myriad of unique and challenging scenarios daily. The conventional tools of communication, such as radio or cell phones, fall short in meeting the demands of physical security professionals engaged in patrolling and monitoring activities to ensure the security of facilities.

Simultaneously, safety professionals grapple with the inefficiencies of using paper rosters during emergency mustering of workers and visitors at assembly areas. XPressEntry directly helps to close these gaps.

ZKBioSecurity V5000 All-In-One Platform

We are thrilled to broaden the scope of our integrations with ZKTeco’ ZKBiosecurity v5000 access control platform,” said Dr. David Carta, CEO of Telaeris. “With XPressEntry handheld, mobile badge, and biometric readers including facial and palm authentication, ZKTeco customers now benefit from enhanced mobile features, elevating convenience and, most importantly, fortifying end-customer security and safety.”

We are very pleased with this partnership which provides an end-to-end security solution for any facility,” said Manish Dalal, President and Founder, ZKTECO USA. ZKBioSecurity v5000 all-in-one platform manages users with various credentials like face, palm, badge, QR code, mobile credentials, and PINs. It can not only manage inBio-PRO and C3 access control panels but also standalone multi-biometric Omni readers for several hundred doors from a single platform.

Safety And Security Challenges

Telaeris‘ XPressEntry handheld badge and biometric readers enhance access control and security management by providing a flexible, mobile solution that goes beyond traditional door readers and addresses specific safety and security challenges.

  • Handheld Badge Verification – Superior security with handheld authentication to confidently control access to and manage any secured space plus ENTRY/EXIT tracking.
  • Emergency Evacuation Mustering – Ensure everyone is safely accounted for during a true emergency to improve evacuations, employee safety, and OSHA/regulatory compliance.
  • Corporate Events & Training – Use existing security badges for access management to manage attendees and deny access when necessary to events and training.
  • Handheld Biometric Verification – Superior security with biometrics and multi-factor authentication to deliver enhanced identity authentication in high-security areas.
  • Workplace Surveys – Pre-screen workers with questions and deny access when necessary to help prevent the spread of illness and to keep the workplace safe.
  • Other Use Cases – Time and Attendance, Confined Space Management, Bus Entry Validation, Guest/Visitor Tracking, Remote Parking, Mobile Enrollment, and more.

XPressEntry Handheld Readers

XPressEntry handheld readers proudly lead the industry with the most access control integrations, proudly lead the industry with the broadest support for badge technologies plus biometrics, and the industry’s first handheld solution for access control systems with Android 13 revealing enhanced security and performance.

Visit Telaeris at the International Security Conference & Exposition (ISC West), booth #7042 for more information and a demo.

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