EMC Enhances Efficiency & Security for Medline’s Employee Entrance



Suwanee, Ga.-based EMC Security reconstructed the entrance of the Medline Lithia Springs manufacturing facility in Lithia Springs, Ga.

It was a comprehensive security integration, encompassing new security infrastructure that involved implementing entirely new Avigilon access control, intercom, video surveillance system and a dedicated 100-amp power supply. The project also featured upgraded physical security that included enhancing existing gate systems with new controllers and barrier arms, along with installing new fencing and gates; and extensive civil work that involved adding a new employee lane, repaving the entrance, creating new parking spaces, traffic control striping, and building a new bus stop with a concrete pad and walkway.

This was a unique achievement for a systems integrator, showcasing EMC’s ability to handle diverse security needs and deliver comprehensive solutions, and the reason it was one of the top contenders for this year’s Project of the Year.

“The area before had a single-entry guard shack with a security officer,” said Wayne Stapp, facilities manager, Medline. “The officer used corporate badges to identify employees and had to call to get verification on contractors and visitors. We had a single lane clogged with trucks and visitors, leading to long wait times during high-volume shift changes due to employee verification. We had no designated employee drop-off point, potentially creating an unauthorized personal entry. No access control integration for employees made it difficult to track or control entry.”

EMC integrated a variety of technologies to create the perfect security solution for Medline. The integrator chose Avigilon for the location’s access control, video surveillance and intercom systems. These integrated systems facilitated efficient entry management, comprehensive visual monitoring and clear communication within the facility.

EMC also chose Telaeris XPressEntry mustering solution, a technology that provides real-time employee location data, enabling efficient emergency response procedures. DoorKing gate controllers and barrier arms streamlined access control for both vehicles and pedestrians. And for the physical gate and fencing upgrades, EMC reinforced physical barriers which complemented the electronic security measures, and enhanced the overall perimeter security.

Prior to this, Medline relied on a single camera on the incoming lane and no camera coverage at the gate creating blind spots and increasing risk of unauthorized access.

“Our EMC Security engineering team led by Alex Sanchez developed the site plan that consisted of the civil, electrical, video and access control design layout,” said Gene Musco, general manager, commercial division, EMC Security. “Avigilon was the best choice for the advanced technology due to its analytic horsepower of the software and cameras.”

Musco continued, “To enhance the physical security perimeter, EMC Security implemented a fenced-in pedestrian walkway with an enclosed waiting area for employee pick up and drop-offs. This successfully limited the amount of unauthorized personnel entering the facility. Additional security measures were implemented by adding exterior facility parking, an additional credential vehicle lane, and an additional area for officer’s security carts.”

The project’s total redesign of the entrance included demolishing the existing entrance and fabricating new gates for the additional lane. EMC repaired the existing exit gate with new hinges and installed new fencing and a pedestrian gate for the bus stop. The integrator also provided a new bus stop with photocell-activated lighting, a temperature-controlled overhead heating pad, and phone charging outlets.

EMC also included new paving and upgraded striping for vehicles and pedestrians, four new parking spaces for employee drop-off and three for security vehicles, and a new concrete pad and sidewalk for the bus stop and walkway.

“We have better control of all entries and exits, better control of employee drop offs,” Stapp said. “Vendors, deliveries and contractors have a designated entrance lane to enter to prevent confusion. Employees have a designated lane so they don’t have to wait on others to enter the facility. It’s a much safer place to keep track of people entering the facility. The area is well lighted to help security see any issues that arrive. We have installed cameras throughout so security and Medline can track any issues that may occur. We continued to have weekly — if not daily — updates on how the project was going. Overall, it has been a major improvement for us at Medline.”

EMC delivered several desired outcomes for Medline, enhancing performance and safety, including:

  • Increased Throughput: Separate employee and visitor lanes significantly reduced employee wait times at the facility entrance – mitigating labor loss.
  • Enhanced Security: Comprehensive electronic surveillance of entrance gates and employee areas deterred unauthorized access and provided real-time situational awareness, reducing security risks.
  • Improved Employee Experience: An environmentally safe bus stop with heating and charging stations increased employee comfort and well-being, potentially boosting morale and retention.
  • Operational Efficiency: Upgraded parking and power infrastructure provided better support for security staff and facility management.
  • Emergency Preparedness (In Progress): The Telaeris XPressEntry mustering solution, upon completion, will include handheld units to provide faster and more accurate employee location tracking during emergencies, potentially reducing evacuation times.

“We’re most proud of our team’s ability and willingness to think beyond the standard integrator model,” Musco said. “We acted as a de facto general contractor, managing diverse teams and overcoming unique challenges like working safely onsite around the underground utilities that fed the entire facility. To do this, we utilized a ground-penetrating radar survey team for extra verification along the area where we were going to dig deep for the new roadway and parking spaces.” — Christopher Crumley, SDM Staff Editor

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