October 2020

To Our Friends and Customers,

As we relaunch our Telaeris newsletter, I wanted to lead with how grateful I am looking back over 2020. A big thank you goes out to our employees, our customers, and our partners for helping each other get through a difficult year.

As an engineering team, our response to the pandemic was building a solution to help our customers manage COVID-19 concerns. Our team launched the XPressEntry HealthCheck module, a customizable health-screening tool enabling companies to capture health data quickly, store it securely, and comply with regulations. We feel blessed to be able to do something proactive like this.

Please take a look at the video and datasheet below which showcase our HealthCheck solution.

We just added temperature capture on entry using wireless BLE forehead thermometers with HealthCheck, so this might be an ideal solution for businesses or schools to quickly capture and record this data.

As always, if your business needs a handheld solution for access control, emergency mustering, health screening, or something else, please reach out. Our best inspiration comes from working with our customers to solve real life problems.

Our Best to You,


David Carta, PhD
CEO, Telaeris, Inc.

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