Identiv and Telaeris Provide Customers with Mobile Emergency Evacuation Tracking Systems

FREMONT, Calif., February 27, 2018 — Identiv, Inc. (NASDAQ: INVE) today announced integration between its award-winning Velocity Access Control and Security Management software and the Telaeris XPressEntry handheld mobile authentication terminals and tracking software.

“This integration extends the security and power of Velocity beyond fixed doors to anywhere and everywhere the customer needs it,” said John Piccininni, Vice President of Business Development at Identiv. “From employees clocking in on buses that take them to the workplace, to roving guards validating employee badges at an airport, to remote gates and muster stations that can help identify employees that need rescue services in the event of an emergency, Velocity and XPressEntry provide the security, flexibility and mobility needed by the modern organization.”

Telaeris’ mobile verification and mustering system, XPressEntry, natively integrates with the Velocity access control system and enables a broad range of handheld capabilities. XPressEntry monitors data from Velocity using the Velocity API. Information, such as employees’ names, photos, access privileges, credentials, and activities, is continually synchronized to XPressEntry. Telaeris’ handheld badge readers allow security operators to enhance the security and safety of facilities managed by Velocity, allowing users to setup virtual doors as needed and on the fly, validate the credentials of cardholders and establish muster stations anywhere in the facility or campus, optimizing rescue resources in emergency conditions.

On top of the features provided by mobile badge readers, XPressEntry monitors the occupancy of each building. All employee and visitor entries and exits are registered and this data is pushed out to the ruggedized mobile units. This information is then available as a live view of who is inside any facility controlled by Velocity. Users may be quickly checked as safely rostered both during fire drills and most importantly during real emergency events.

“Telaeris’ native integration with Velocity allows us to provide world-class emergency evacuation tracking systems to Identiv’s customers who want to provide the best safety systems for their employees,” said David Carta, Telaeris CEO. “We are proud to work with a best-in-class access control system like Velocity to bring our emergency mustering solution to customers around the world.”

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About Identiv
Identiv, Inc. is a global provider of physical security and secure identification. Identiv’s products, software, systems, and services address the markets for physical and logical access control and a wide range of RFID-enabled applications. Customers in the government, enterprise, consumer, education, healthcare, and transportation sectors rely on Identiv’s access and identification solutions. Identiv’s mission is to secure the connected physical world: from perimeter to desktop access, and from the world of physical things to the Internet of Everything. Identiv is a publicly traded company and its common stock is listed on the NASDAQ Capital Market in the U.S. under the symbol “INVE.” For more information, visit

About Telaeris
Telaeris is the worldwide leader for emergency mustering systems and handheld badge reading solutions for security and safety. Its XPressEntry system is built to provide extended physical access control features from a mobile handheld badge scanner, with the capability to read any badge credential. Its handheld and RFID enabled systems have been used by many Fortune 500 companies for such diverse purposes as emergency mustering, mobile entry/exit tracking, bus employee authentication, event and meeting management, time and attendance, visitor management, real-time location tracking, and confined space occupancy tracking. Additionally, its emergency mustering system has been extended to track both people and assets, using active and passive RFID. Telaeris was founded in 2005 and is headquartered in San Diego, California. For more information, visit

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