LinkedIn for Newbies

LinkedIn newbie

Mark Miller, our biz-dev guy here at Telaeris, recently received some training to improve how he uses LinkedIn for networking. Following my mantra of needing to teach something to really learn it, Mark gave a presentation to the Telaeris staff on how we could all use LinkedIn more effectively.

Everyone at the office got so much out of his presentation, that we decided that it would be worthwhile to share.

The presentation includes a number of basic lessons for anyone new on LinkedIn, plus a few good suggestions for those of us who just need to improve our usage. But even if you are a LinkedIn pro, I highly suggest looking at the last section of the presentation on how to use Gmail to pump up the way you use LinkedIn Groups.

And if you want some great professional help to optimize how you use LinkedIn, we cannot more highly recommend Rick I, the LinkedIn Guy.


Once again from Telaeris, we are here to PUMP YOU UP.

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