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How to update XPID OS

This outline will show you how to update the Operating System version for the XPID device.

Checking the current OS version

Begin by checking the current OS version on the XPID device.

Return to the Android Home screen by exiting XPressEntry or pressing the center Home Button. Navigate to the About Phone section in the Android Settings. Check the version of the Build number here.

For the most recent version of the OS, the current version number is v712 and the build number should look similar to “XPID100-V01-B00-F0V712P30LL1CT1SY2MUSP01_mipi”. The build number contains the model number and the version number. “B00” and “F0” refer to the hardware that is inside the XPID; “F1” indicating there is fingerprint hardware and “B2N” or “B2H” indicating a 2D barcode scanner.

XPID devices that need their OS updated are either old or wrong versions. An old OS version will have the build number exactly match the model number (as seen in the above pictures). Wrong OS versions will not match their hardware, such as barcode hardware being present inside the XPID but the OS model shows “B00”.

Updating the OS version

What you will need:

  • MTK_USB drivers
  • SP_Flash_Tool
  • Correct and up-to-date OS version (based on Model number)
  • USB Type-A to USb Mini cable provided with your device

All of these will be provided by a Telaeris Support Engineer.

Updating Process:

  1. Do not plug in the XPID device.
  2. Unpack all of the software provided.
  3. Open MTK_USB_All_1.0.4 and Navigate to the MTK_Driver_Installer_.1352 ext directory. Run DriverInstaller.exe
  4. Select Install Drivers and click Start.
  5. Open SP_Flash_Tool and run flash_tool.exe
  6. Set the drop down menu to “Download Only” and click Scatter-loading.
  7. Navigate to the Unpacked OS version directory. Select the Android_scatter.txt file (May have a number preceding) and click Open.
  8. Power Off and remove the battery from the XPID device. Click Download button (button and list will “grey out”).
  9. Connect the USB cable to the computer and the side USB Mini jack on the XPID Device. The Flash Tool app will start downloading automatically upon connecting.
  10. Wait until you see the Green check to know that the download succeeded. Then disconnect the USB. (For multiple devices requiring the same version return to step 8; different version, step 7)
  11. Put the battery back in the device and hold down the power button to Start (Boot will take longer than normal the first time after installing).
  12. Verify the correct version of the OS is properly installed.
  13. Test all functionality (wifi, ethernet, connect to USB, barcode if applicable, date/time,   display) and install Telaeris software (will need to transfer .apks again).