How Does Company Size Affect Preparation?

The EAP of a small company with less than 50 employees will be different from the plans of bigger companies. It is easier for smaller companies to keep track of employees and even easier for companies of 30 or less workers because teams can easily see who is accounted for as safely evacuated and who is not. Guidant Financial, a small business financing company, posted a great post ( that outlines some key factors safety professionals should consider when creating an EAP as a small business including:

  • Identify emergency contacts
  • Prepare emergency precaution checklists
  • Chose safety officer(s)
  • Plan evacuation routes
  • Clarify shelter-in-place procedures
  • Locate Disaster kits
  • Arrange continuity planning and technology backups
  • Share crisis communication plan
  • Designate assembly/mustering area

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