XPressEntry SDK Documentation

SDK Client Download: XPressEntrySDKClient #

Overview #

The XPressEntry SDK is used for managing XPressEntry from a 3rd party application.
Any Data Managers or external sources which XPressEntry integrates with will be at least Read-Only through the XPressEntry SDK.
Some Data Managers will support XPressEntry as the “Master” and allow changes from the SDK to be pushed to those systems.

Goal: Allow 3rd parties to access XPressEntry data and changes in real time.
Secondary Goal: Allow 3rd parties to add/remove data to a 3rd party Access Control system through the XPressEntry Data Manager.

The SDK is implements as a .NET WCF service. We provide a simple client interface(XPressEntrySDKServiceInterface) which can be used to connect to the SDK.

This interface implements the following Calls: #

XPressEntrySDKServiceInterface Constructor with these parameters:
HostName(or IP), Username, Password. The Username/Password are set within XPressEntry and used to set up which accounts can accesss the SDK.

The SDK has 4 events #

ActivityCreated – When Badge Activities are added to XPressEntry directly or through a Data Manager
DataObjectsChanged – When Data Objects are modified in XPressEntry directly or through a Data Manager
DataObjectsDeleted – When Data Objects are deleted in XPressEntry directly or through a Data Manager
OnServiceStatusChanged – When the SDK Service is connected or disconnected.

Event Management: #

SubscribeClient() – to subscribe your SDK Client to receive events
UnsubscribeClient() – to unsubscribe your SDK Client from receiving events

The SDK implements a minimal set of data retrieval/modification Functions. #

For retrieval:
FindDataObjects – Gets a list of Data Objects from XPressEntry
GetDataObject – Gets a single data object from XPressEntry using the XPressEntry id field
GetDataObjectByExternalID – Gets a single data object from XPressEntry using the external Data Manager id field

For modification:
UpdateOrCreateDataObject – Creates or modifies an object in XPressEntry.
DeleteDataObject – Both XPressEntry ID/DataManager External_ID deletion is supported