XPressEntry Kiosk Mode

XPressEntry Android Kiosk Mode, a locked mode of XPressEntry to help prevent easily exiting the XPressEntry application:

Setup Kiosk Mode #

On the Android Home Screen, click the app drawer


Select Settings

android settings


Select Apps

select apps


Select App Settings

select app settings


Select Home App

select home app


Select XPressEntry to set as the Home App

set xpressentry launcher

Now, when click the Android Home Button on the device, the device will always load to the XPressEntry application by default.


Exit Kiosk Mode #

From XPressEntry, Select the Hamburger menu button

xpressentry android menu


Select Exit

exit xpressentry android


Select Launcher3 to set the Home button back to Android home screen. Click the home button again to set the default Home Launcher.

set launcher3