How to Restart the Data Manager and run a Full Sync

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Use Case #

You’d probably restart the data manager if you suspected events weren’t coming in. This might happen if your connection from XPressEntry to your access control system went down for a period of time.


Restart Data Manager #

Go to the Settings Form. Select Data Manager from the list on the left.

Press the Save Button


You should see something similar to the following in the log view:

DEBUG: Done with ProcessUpdatedUserImagesTimer
DEBUG: Entering ProcessUpdatedUserImagesTimer
DEBUG: DataManager Settings Updated
INFO: Open Access: Open Access Connection Success
DEBUG: OnGuard Manager starting watching tables : 8:33:41 AM
INFO: Starting Watching Tables
DEBUG: OnGuard Manager stopping watching tables : 8:33:41 AM

Look out for ERROR messages!

If it says Starting Watching Tables and it looks good, then you’re reconnected and good to go!