Barcode Types and Uses

When customers order tags, most of the time they don’t care what type of barcode they use – it just has to work. In most cases, your barcode scanner will likely support any 1D barcode. So why should you choose one barcode symbology over another?

We choose to use Code 39 (sometimes called Code 3 of 9) and Code 128 for our customers for one reason. If a customer ever wants to print their own barcodes for any purpose, they can using freely available barcode fonts:

This way the barcodes they print will match the rugged labels on the products. But we will print any barcode on our labels and badges as required by the end user.  So for those of you out there interested in what the differences are between some of the barcodes, here is a table with an overview of the different types of 1D and 2D barcode types and their uses.

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