XPressEntry gets a HealthCheck

XPressEntry gets a HealthCheckThe good news for all of us is COVID-19 vaccines are entering global distribution and people’s arms, but it will be many more months before vaccine production and distribution catches up to the 7.8 billion people on our planet. We must remain vigilant at reducing risk of Covid-19 spread while vaccinations continue to roll out. Telaeris responded early on with a new XPressEntry feature—HealthCheck, which was deployed at no additional cost to our XPressEntry customers.

HealthCheck makes it easy to verify that personnel and visitors meet health safety standards before granting access into any workplace. The screenings can take place outdoors, before entry into building, and questions or health data to be captured can be customized per the requirements of each company or school.

With HealthCheck turned on in XPressEntry, persons seeking entry to the facility are granted or denied access based on apparent health symptoms or question responses, all constructed from your organization’s custom screening criteria.

XPressEntry HealthCheck
HealthCheck Questionnaire with Results

As personnel, students, and visitors enter, a badge is scanned to verify identity and permissions. At this point, the XPressEntry HealthCheck questionnaire pops up to be completed to verify that a person is in compliance with local health standards. Questionnaire responses are recorded and securely stored on the XPressEntry server. Bluetooth devices such as infrared temperature scanners or oxygen pulsometers can send data directly into XPressEntry when the device is paired to our handheld.

Question styles can use a check box, free form text, number values, or yes/no radio buttons. Data entered can be validated for proper entries or marked as required data. The questions are updated or changed directly from the XPressEntry configuration pages, as shown below.

HealthCheck Form Builder
XPressEntry HealthCheck Configuration Page

This flexibility allows different workplace access points that may have different COVID-19 workplace safety protocols for personnel or visitors accessing the facility. For instance, clinicians at a healthcare facility might have different health screening criteria than office staff that have no exposure to patients or visitors. Patient visitors might have their own set of relevant questions.

All non-medical health status information captured by HealthCheck is securely stored on the XPressEntry server. Access to this data is restricted, preventing unauthorized access to sensitive user information. The allowable length of time employers or schools may store sensitive records can vary by state or country, so this data can be set to auto-delete appropriately.

XPressEntry PPE Check
HealthCheck form to verify PPE use

HealthCheck need not be used just for health-related questions. Construction sites have always had PPE requirements. Why not take a few seconds to verify the workers have appropriate PPE on their person when they arrive? Or record visitor vehicle information after parking in a secured lot? The flexibility of XPressEntry HealthCheck adapts to current and future use cases. Safety and security never become obsolete. Neither does HealthCheck.

If your company is currently using XPressEntry and you need help with upgrading to the most recent software release to use HealthCheck, drop us a support inquiry. We’ll have your software updated and ready to conduct automated health and other pre-entry screenings in no time. And remember, Telaeris does not charge additional fees to upgrade to our most recent software builds. HealthCheck is yours to use, right now.



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