Telaeris & ZKTeco USA launch new handheld face-recognition scanner: Protects employees in hazardous work environments

The hugely popular XPID200 fingerprint & badge scanner by Telaeris now also incorporates powerful face recognition technology from ZKTeco USA.

ALPHARETTA, GA, UNITED STATES, June 1, 2023/ — The hugely popular XPID200 fingerprint & badge scanner developed by Telaeris now also incorporates powerful face recognition technology developed by ZKTeco USA.

The XPID200 handheld scanner is commonly used in industries requiring emergency response protocols (i.e. cruise lines, mining, refineries, chemical plants, etc.). When used as a mustering solution, the XPID200 handheld can quickly & accurately identify workers & visitors who’ve forgotten or misplaced their identification badges amidst the chaos which occurs during an emergency.
Having real-time accurate accounts of everyone’s location is critical for 1st responders who risk their lives entering dangerous environments (i.e., fire, flood, contamination, etc.) when anyone is suspected of being trapped inside.
Why add face recognition to the XPID200?

Even under normal work conditions, it’s not uncommon for employees and visitors to misplace or forget their identification badge. This may result in the inconvenience of an accidental lockout or being temporarily denied door access by a security guard. But when an emergency arises which calls for mustering (reporting of all personnel currently on-site), the inability to quickly and accurately account for all employees & visitors may put people’s lives at risk. 1st responders won’t know exactly who successfully evacuated or who may be trapped inside.

The XPID200’s ability to quickly and accurately identify a person’s face, eliminates the uncertainty caused by any personnel misplacing or forgetting their “physical identification (i.e., badge) during an evacuation. This ensures faster, safer, more efficient mustering, thus potentially saving the lives of both occupants and brave first responders.

How accurate is ZKTeco USA’s face recognition algorithm?
The face recognition algorithm embedded in the XPID200 handheld is developed by ZKTeco USA Armatura biometric research & development team. The algorithm is consistently ranked in the NIST top 10 among all other biometric vendors.

Who has access to the XPID200 biometric data?
As the templates are created, stored, and used locally on the device, no one has access to the biometric data, including Telaeris and ZKTeco USA. As the information is also stored in encrypted memory, it additionally prevents 3rd party access to the data. All data is stored only in the XPID200 handheld and optionally the customer’s server inside the customer’s network. ZKTeco USA reminds customers to always obtain written permission from anyone whose biometric data will be enrolled in the XPID200.

The XPID200 runs a Telaeris written application called XPressEntry. The application is a proven, fast, and reliable emergency mustering solution that integrates with 30+ access control systems. Running XPressEntry, the XPID200 can scan 200-250 security badges and complete a mustering event in 10 minutes or less. Now with facial recognition, XPressEntry further accelerates mustering in an emergency evacuation by being able to scan a group of faces at an assembly area all at once and account for all of them as safely evacuated. In addition, XPressEntry supports entry / exit tracking, time and attendance, managing confined spaces, events and trainings, bus entry validation, guest / visitor tracking, remote parking, mobile enrollment, and more.

As noted by Telaeris CEO Dr. David Carta, “XPressEntry is a powerful tool which allows customers to view their access control data from the convenience of the XPID200 – a lightweight handheld mobile device. Adding facial recognition to XPressEntry builds upon our mission to provide the industry’s best handheld and hands-free safety and physical security solutions to enhance access control and occupancy tracking systems.” Noted by ZKTeco USA President & Founder Manish Dalal, “We’re proud to partner with Telaeris. For the past 20 years our biometric technology has been primarily used to clock in employees at work and physically unlock doors. It’s personally rewarding knowing that our technology is now possibly saving lives, as well.

About Telaeris

Founded in 2005, Telaeris, Inc. is a US-based software company, specializing in handheld and hands-free safety and physical security solutions to enhance access control and occupancy tracking systems. Telaeris’ XPressEntry is a hardware and software solution that seamlessly integrates with any industry-leading access control system, providing fixed, kiosk, and handheld devices capable of reading any badge technology, biometrics, and facial recognition. For more information, please visit

About ZKTeco USA

ZKTeco USA is a globally renowned enterprise focused on delivering biometric verification technology designed to help make the world a safer place for all its inhabitants. ZKTeco USA brings to market a wide range of solutions including Smart Identity Authentication Applications, Smart Entrance Control Applications (for both pedestrian and vehicles), and Smart Office Applications. Our touchless solutions are designed to enhance safety & security while also improving upon efficiency & the end-user experience through automation. We explore. We innovate. We deliver. For more information, please visit

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