Telaeris announces Dick Clark as VP of EMEA Business Development and Strategy

International Security Journal (ISJ) – Monday, February 14, 2022.

Telaeris, Inc. has announced Dick Clark has joined its team as Vice President of EMEA Business Development and Strategy. As Telaeris’ XPressEntry handheld badge and biometric readers continue to lead the industry with the most access control integrations and boast the broadest support for badge technologies, Clark will help develop business relationships to drive the company forward.

“We’re dedicated to providing our customers industry-leading handheld solutions that enhance access control systems while delivering new convenience, flexibility, intelligence and functionality to security and safety professionals. Dick’s years of experience and wealth of knowledge in the access control industry allows us to achieve this by reaching more customers with valuable and reliable services,” said David Carta, CEO Telaeris. “We’re thrilled to have Dick join our team to expand our capabilities and reputation as leaders in the industry.”

Clark was previously CEO of SMI Global Ltd, where he led the growth of the small company to become an internationally recognised leader in the access control industry. He formed relationships with senior staff at leading oil and gas refineries, chemical plants, mines, military bases, manufacturing sites, government facilities, multi-storey office buildings, construction sites, airports, schools, etc. During Clark’s tenure, the company’s brand was well known in the industry and sold to 40+ countries around the world.

“Many companies are competing to win, but Telaeris’ impressive team of technologists, managers, marketers, salespeople and customer support staff enables them to be a front runner,” said Dick Clark, Vice President of EMEA Business Development and Strategy at Telaeris. “The company’s focus and ability to execute is exceptional and I’m truly excited by the combination of proven technology and easy-to-use products from Telaeris. The company clearly understands the features and value propositions required to advance in the access control industry and I’m proud to be part of this innovative organisation.”

Prior to SMI Global Ltd, Clark served as Sales Lead for a major UK software company and was involved with the introduction of facial recognition technology to the security industry. He graduated from Brunel University London in 1984 with a BSc in Engineering and earned an MBA from De Montford University in Leicester in 2006.

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