Telaeris adds cloud, facial recognition features to biometric readers

FEATURED ON BIOMETRIC UPDATE.COM:  Biometric handheld reader manufacturer Telaeris has upgraded its devices with new cloud support and facial recognition features.

The company unveiled the new features this week, adding that both XPressEntry handheld badge and biometric readers now support integration with Galaxy Control Systems’ Cloud Concierge access control software.

“We are delighted to expand our integration with Galaxy to include their new Cloud Concierge solution in addition to our existing integration with their System Galaxy access control system,” comments Telaeris CEO David Carta.

From a technical standpoint, XPressEntry readers improve the security of access control systems by verifying permissions and authenticating credentials or biometrics against the identity information on record in local or cloud access control system databases.

The devices can also record entries and exits, perform spot check permissions to counter tailgating and piggybacking, muster employees during emergency evacuations, maintain facility occupancy information, and more.

According to Carta, the XPressEntry software integration will enable security teams with Galaxy’s cloud access control systems to benefit from XPressEntry’stechnology to make the workplace safer and more secure.

“XPressEntry handheld, mobile badge and biometric readers provide Galaxy’s Cloud customers new mobile features improving its convenience and, most importantly, better end-customer security,” the CEO adds.

As for the facial recognition capabilities, Telaeris unveiled them in its XPID200 series handheld mobile readers that run on the XPressEntry software. The devices already supported fingerprint recognition and now have the option for face biometrics, too.

The company said the feature gives professionals access to more options for employee identification and accelerating mustering of employees in emergency scenarios.

“Adding facial recognition to XPressEntry builds upon our mission to provide the industry’s best handheld and hands-free safety and physical security solutions to enhance access control and occupancy tracking systems,” Carta concludes.

The launch of the new features comes roughly a year after Telaeris first introduced its XPIR line of edge biometric access control readers.

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