September 2023



My sales team recently approached me with a great question from a client today. Why should I choose your handheld device over a fixed reader in our parking lot for mustering?

My answer was, “That is too easy! Let me list out the top reasons.” After quickly coming up with a dozen reasons, I paused. After all, people still argue over Coke and Pepsi and there is not much difference between the two.

In most cases when choosing between products, customers like options. If you are interested in the trade offs between a mobile handheld mustering solution and a fixed pole solution, CLICK HERE to learn more.


As we just received our official LenelS2 OOAP certification letter, I want to reinforce how proud we are of XPressEntry’s certification with OnGuard 8.0, 8.1, and 8.2. OnGuard was our first PACS integration and we are delighted to continue this relationship with LenelS2. This release provides speed and stability improvements for OnGuard customers and of course, continues to provide the capability to use our handheld badge readers to enhance workplace security and safety.


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Oil & Gas Industry Case Study with XPressEntry + Genetec Synergis


This case study delves into the experience of a multinational oil and gas corporation headquartered in the United States. The company aimed to standardize and improve their emergency mustering procedures across various international sites, all while harnessing the capabilities of their existing Genetec Synergis access control systems.


Operating an oil and gas facility presents a unique set of challenges. Effectively accounting for workers during an emergency evacuation has proved especially challenging due to the sprawling nature of the oil and gas plants, constantly changing occupancy with a large workforce, hazardous work environments, and numerous emergency assembly areas. This called for a versatile system capable of swiftly verifying the safety of workers during an evacuation, even if workers have evacuated to the wrong assembly area or if assembly areas need to be relocated because they have become unsafe. Most importantly, it is essential to ensure the safety of all workers and meet stringent regulatory compliance requirements.

CLICK HERE to read the full case study.




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Intersec 2024

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XPressEntry handheld readers proudly lead the industry with the most access control integrations and proudly lead the industry with the broadest support for badge technologies plus biometrics.



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