March 2022

 Note from the CEO


We hope to see you in Las Vegas for ISC West 2022 this week. Stop by our booth to learn how our XPressEntry handheld badge and biometric readers help security and safety professionals and enhance access control systems in unique scenarios:

  • How do guards track employee entries and exits on a bus or company shuttle?
  • What do security personnel do when a door reader is out of order?
  • How is access to temporary or construction entrances controlled?
  • Can you verify if the right person is in possession of a badge for high security areas?
  • How does your company account for everyone in the facility during an emergency evacuation?

Book a meeting with our team or just come by our booth to meet our team in attendance:

     Dr. David Carta – CEO ([email protected])
     Jose Flores – VP Sales ([email protected])
     Mark Miller – Sales, North America ([email protected])
     Rainer Boelzle, VP Marketing ([email protected])
     Kelly Lim, Software Engineer ([email protected])

We would love to give you a one-on-one demo of the XPressEntry system. And you can see both the new XPID-200 handheld and our just released XPID-100-K1 Stanchion access terminal.

Hoping to see you there!

Dr. David Carta
CEO, Telaeris, Inc.


Telaeris Announces New Edge Access Control XPIR Series of Fixed and Kiosk Identification Readers for Any Workplace Entrance

Intelligent XPIR series readers can analyze access permissions and grant entry based on multi-factor biometric and RFID credentials, uniquely display identity information on record, synchronize data with the access control system, and is fully compatible with XPressEntry software.


XPressEntry integrates with most physical access control systems (PACS) and synchronizes all relevant information such as enrolled users, badges, pictures, facial and fingerprint biometrics, access levels, areas, entry / exit activities, and more. XPIR devices maintain connectivity to the access control system via cellular, WiFi, Ethernet and continue to work offline when the network is unavailable. XPIR fixed and kiosk readers are flexible by design for any workplace entrance, easy to install compared to traditional door readers, and provide new outcomes never before possible.

  • Identity & Permissions Verification – Verify permissions and authenticate workers and visitor credentials with any security badge, fingerprints, and/or facial recognition against the identity information on record in the access control system.
  • Real-Time ENTRY / EXIT Tracking – Keep track of workers and visitors entering and exiting the workplace while remaining in sync with all activities recorded in the access control system with the latest occupancy information.
  • Emergency Evacuation Mustering – Ensure everyone is safely accounted for during a true emergency by positioning the XPIR as a self-check-in muster station to improve evacuations, employee safety, and OSHA / regulatory compliance.
  • Visitor Identity & Access Management – Visitors can self-scan a driver’s license or passport for ID verification, take a picture, state their business, enroll themselves as a guest, and pick up a printed badge or credential to proceed onsite.
  • Accurate Time & Attendance – Capture employee hours electronically and track attendance in real time to ensure that employees are onsite, paid the right number of hours, and verify invoices from subcontractors.
  • Touchless Temperature Scanning – Workers and visitors can conveniently self-check their temperature prior to entering and be denied access because of fever to reduce the spread of infectious disease in the workplace.

XPIR devices can be positioned on a desktop, as a standalone kiosk in a lobby, or an open workplace entrance. Alternatively, XPIR devices can be wall mounted or physically attached to other access points. Providing a broad range of identification modalities, it helps security guards and teams certainly of the identity of who is provided access.

The XPIR series devices can drive a broad range of peripherals such as powered doors, turnstiles, gates, automation equipment, and more. XPIR’s offer RS-485, digital output lines, relay triggers, Wiegand, and OSDP output interfaces making it easy to connect to and control the facility in addition to the advanced access control capabilities it provides as an intelligent edge device.


Telaeris is coming to an industry event near you!

ISC West 2022
Booth #22112
March 22-25, 2022
Las Vegas, NV
Securexpo East Africa
Booth #6
March 23-25, 2022
Nairobi, Kenya
The Security Event 2022
Booth #3a/A55
April 5-7, 2022
Birmingham, England – UK
Securex West Africa
Booth #1A01
May 10-12, 2022
Lagos – Nigeria
GSX 2022
Booth #3513
September 12-14, 2022
Atlanta, Georgia – USA
International Security Expo
Booth #A44
September 27-28, 2022
London, England – UK


Can’t make it to one of these events?
CONTACT US to schedule a demo anytime!

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