XPressTools Tool Check In/Out

Tool Check In/Out

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XPressTools provides mobile tool check-out and check-in solutions for tracking and accountability.

Key Features:

  • Quickly check tools in/out to employees, no more long lines
  • Built in support for barcodes, badges, and RFID
  • Increase employee accountability to return tools
  • Track tools, consumables, and consignments

Some tool tracking solutions are slow keeping workers at the tool crib for too long when they could be working. XPressTools is designed to be the fastest. Tools checked out at industrial or construction sites have a tendency to never be checked back in. Inventory managers are forced to spend time tracking down misplaced items and ordering replacements. XPressTools improves accountability for tools, saving time, and minimizing the tool budget. Save time and increase accuracy by bypassing the keyboard for handhelds to make tool check in/out transactions even faster.


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