VACUUM SQLite database

On occasion your database may grow to be very large. This can cause the records to be inserted in a sub-optimal fashion. This can cause SELECT and UPDATE statements to take a very long time and cause the application to run slower than normal. To fix this, we suggest VACUUMing the database. This is as simple as entering “VACUUM;” into the sqlite3 command line or you can follow the in-app instructions below.

Basic instructions for VACUUMing the SQLite database are following.

  1. Start XPressEntry. Go to Tools -> Settings
  2. If you’re running the XPressEntryService, stop it.
  3. Right in the middle of the page is a “Database” section showing the database connection string. Press the “Shrink Size” button in that section. This will probably lock up the frontend and can take a while depending on the number and type of records. Wait for the front end to become responsive again and your database should be smaller and more responsive.