Updating or Upgrading your XPressEntry Installation

To update your XPressEntry installation, you will need the following:

  1. The XPressEntry installer(.msi) file provided by Telaeris
  2. Administrative Privileges on the machine it is installed on.
  3. Possibly you’ll need the logon credentials for the service account XPressEntry is installed under

Copy the .msi file onto the PC

Right Click and Run as Administrator

Install XPressEntry in the same location it was installed before. If you move the location, you’ll need access to the service credentials(user/password)

After you’ve installed, go to the Services console(Control Panel -> Services) and change the Startup Type of the updated XPressEntryService from Manual -> Automatic.

DO NOT run the service.

Run the XPressEntry application, this should automatically apply any required database migrations/updates.

If the Service does not start(the application will try to start it, but Windows permissions often stop this from working), go back to the Services Console and Start the Service.

You may need to restart the XPressEntry application to reconnect to the service just the first time it’s run.