XPressEntry FAQ


Q) What forms of communication do the handhelds support?

A) The Telaeris XPressAT870N can communicate with the server through Wireless and Hardwired communication.

  • WIFI- 802.11 b/g/a/n
  • Cellular- GSM/SPRS. HSDPA/HSPA+
  • Ethernet Cradle
  • USB

    XPressEntry Android based handhelds communicate with the server through-

  • WIFI- 802.11 b/g/a/n


Q) Do Telaeris handhelds support SHA2?

A)  Telaeris has several options that do support SHA2

  • XPressAT870N w/ Window Mobile 6.5 – Yes
  • XPressAT870N w/ WinCE 5.0 – No
  • XPressAT870A w/ Android – Yes
  • Any Android Client – Yes


Q) What are the Server Prerequisites?

A) Please see this knowledge base article- /docs/xpressentry-installation-prerequisites/


Q) What Credentials can the XPressAT870N Read?

A) HID Prox, HID iClass, HID SEOS, PIV, TWIC, MiFare, Farpointe, Legic, ISO14443A/B, ISO 15693, UHF and more


Q) What happens if my handheld loses connectivity with the XPressEntry Server?

A) The handheld will continue to function.  Cardholders are authenticated using from a local database. Activities are stored in this same database.  When it regains connectivity, all handheld activity is pushed to the server, and personnel records are updated.


Q) What kind of database does XPressEntry use?

A)  The server can run off a SQLite database or a Microsoft SQL Server database.  The handhelds store a localized SQLite database.


Q) Do I have to keep the application open on the server to run XPressEntry?

A) No, the XPressEntry server can run as a WCF background service.


Q) How does XPressEntry communicate with my physical access control system (PACS)?

A) XPressEntry Integrates with many different PACS, each in its own way.  XPressEntry uses a module called DataManager to manager each of these integrations.  DataManager allows you to configure your PACS integration.  For specific information on how we can connect to your system, please contact Telaeris.