XPressEntry Enable Guard Login

Requiring the guard to login to the handhelds is disabled by default.

To enable this, follow the steps below.

In Reader Profiles, uncheck “Disable Reader Login” and save.  Make sure this reader profile setting is applied to the profile associated with the handheld you are using.

Disable Login In Reader Profiles

Navigate to the roles tab of the main form.  Either edit an existing role, or create a new role that has “Can Login To Handheld Readers” checked.  Select Save when finished.

Set Up Guard Role

For each user in the system who will need to be able to log into the devices, select the role that you configured.

Assign User the Guard Role

That is all!  The device will require a badge scan from a guard to get into the application.

To log out, the same guard can scan his badge again, or select Log Out under Menu> Log Out.