Power Capacity & Consumption

We start with the basic formula:

Power in Watts = Current in Amps x Voltage

A standard battery for the AT870N is rated for 3000 mAh and 3.7 Volts. The battery will then provide:

Watt Hours = 3 amp hours * 3.7 volts = 11.1 watt hours 

The actual power usage of the device will vary usage of many different factors, including:

  1. WIFI
  2. RFID (UHF draws more power)
  3. Barcode
  4. Bluetooth
  5. Cellular Data Connection
  6. GPS
  7. Camera and flash
  8. Screen Brightness
  9. Keyboard Back light
  10. Program operation

The maximum current consumption when you use every device including UHF is 1.2 Amps from a regulated 3.3V DC power source running. In the field, we typically see continuous operation times of 6 hours for our basic units with WIFI, Barcode, XPressProx badge reader, while running our XPressEntry software. This would indicate the unit is consuming approximately 2 watts of power.