How to Use XPressEntry Events

XPressEntry Events mode can be utilized to keep tracking attendees to an event, a training session, or even a meeting. We can utilize the information from your existing access control system and allow people into an event or meeting based on their access level, company, department, or even on an individual basis.

In order to use XPressEntry Events mode from the XPressEntry Client program, a user will need to be apart of a role that can login in to the XPressEntry Client application.

To create a new role on the XPressEntry Server, Click Add/Edit Info tab and then the Roles tab.

Click Add New and add a name for the role for example “XPressEntry Client User.”

Select the “Can Login to XPressEntry Client Application” checkbox. Then Save.


Next is to assign the role to a person who will be using XPressEntry Client.  Go to Add/Edit Info tab then go to the Users tab. Search for the user you wish to assign to the new role.

Select the Role drop down menu and select “XpressEntry Client User”