Configuring Credentials in XPressEntry

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In XPressEntry, you can enforce a handheld to provide log in Credentials in order to sync with the XPressEntry Server.  After typing in the credential, the handheld encrypts the Credential and sends it to the server for validation.  This is done so that only your devices can access the server.  Devices without this encrypted Credential will not be able to pull any information from the server.

Implementing Credentials #

Implementation is simple.  First, navigate to the XPressEntry settings and select the server tab.  Check “Use Credentials for all Readers”.  Select Save.

Enable Credentials in XPressEntry
After this is enabled, navigate to the settings on the XPressEntry Handheld and select Update Lists.

Doing this will not work initially.  It will notify you that your credential is invalid and then direct you to the Log In tab.

Invalid Credential
Enter in your login information.  A login credential coincides with a user login on the XPressEntry Server.  This user must be assigned a user role that can log into the handheld. Then select Identify Reader to Server. (Using admin admin is not advised)

If the credential is verified, the sync will commence.  The handheld will notify you if the credential is invalid.

Enter Credential
Enter Credentials